Audio Gear

I have the following equipment available; please note that this is for my own use, I do not rent my kit out.
  • Zoom F8n eight track recorder with timecode, simultaneous recording to two SD cards
  • Zoom FRC-8 control surface for F8n
  • Two Instamic Pro miniature recorders
  • Cedar DNS2 dialog noise suppressor
  • Sound Devices 302 three channel mixer for additional inputs or auxiliary use, with two channel line input expander
  • Four channels of Sennheiser wireless with four beltpack transmitters and two plug-on transmitters
  • Lavaliere microphones: Sennheiser MKE-1 and MKE-2, Countryman B3
  • Two Naiant phantom power adapters to hardwire lavalieres
  • AKG 451EB microphones with cardioid, hypercardioid, and short shotgun capsules
  • Shure SM-57 (for use with wireless plug-on transmitter for handheld interviews)
  • Rode NT_SF1 ambisonic mic, for mono through 7.1.4 audio
  • Shure VP-88 M/S stereo mic
  • AKG C3000 vocal mic
  • Ten Shure MX392-C boundary microphones
  • 11′ boom pole, with 10′ c-stand for stationary shots
  • Timecode Systems sync: one :wave master in the recorder bag, two UltraSync Ones with LTC and genlock, 3.5mm and BNC cables
  • Sennheiser HD26 Pro closed ear headphones
  • Bag, harness, and battery rig for mobile use
  • Radio Design Labs RU-MLD4T four channel transformer isolated distribution amplifier for press feeds
  • 100′ sixteen channel snake with four returns
  • Assorted cables, adapters, and stands
Gray Dog Audio gear cart
Have cart, will travel…